Defence-like missions

For Defence / Mobile Defence / Excavation missions you need a warframe that is able to protect the mission target from enemy fire. Frost, Limbo and Gara are popular choices:

  • Frost is easy to get for new players but don't let that fool you: Frost is actually very good even at end-game content! Beside being able to protect the mission target with his Snow Globe he has also great Crowd-Control and damage abilities making Frost a very good and versatile Warframe.
  • Limbo has the most effective defence as his Cataclysm + Stasis combo will freeze every incoming enemy.
  • Gara can defend an area with her Mass Vitrify ability but she is also a very strong DPS as there is no cap on how much damage she can stack on the Splinter Storm ability! However, on some tile sets enemies are able to jump over her glass walls making Frost and Limbo the better choice on those tile sets.

Furthermore, any Warframe with good Crowd-Control (CC) abilities should prove useful on Defence kind of missions, e.g. Rhino, Nezha, Vauban, Hydroid etc. I especially like using Vauban Prime for CC duty because his Vortex will pull all the enemies close together, which makes it very easy to finish them off quickly with your weapons.

Finally, some times the best defence is a strong offence, so you could also bring Mesa or another high damage Warframe and finish off those enemies before they get too close to the mission target.

For Interception missions I highly recommend you try Nyx as her Chaos ability will keep enemies buzy fighing each other and thereby prevent them from taking over the radio towers. If you get a Riven Challenge where you need to Solo an Interception mission against level 30+ enemies with a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped, then just bring Nyx and you can easily finish that challenge.

If you don't have Nyx, then Frost, Limbo and Gara are just as useful for Interception missions as they are for Defence-type missions.

To sum it up:

  • Limbo is the King of Defence
  • Nyx is the Queen of Interception.
  • Frost is easy to get for new players but very good at Defence missions.
  • Gara is also very good at Defence missions and have very high damage if you know how to utilize the synergy of her abilities, but her glass walls have some limitations on certain tile sets.

How to pick a team for Defence type missions

When playing a random group, simply pick whatever Warframe you prefer to use for the mission type. But if you are playing with friends, I suggest you try a team with Loki + Limbo + Nekros as I find this very effective for all missions, where you need to protect a mission target:

  • Limbo can protect the mission target and all the nearby team mates with his Cataclysm + Stasis combo.
  • Loki can use his Radial Disarm ability to disarm the enemies and force them to run into melee distance, where they will freeze due to Limbo's Cataclysm + Stasis combo and can easily be killed by the team.
  • Nekros will keep his Desecrate ability up to force enemies to drop extra loot including Health Orbs and Energy Orbs, so the team can keep using their abilities. Nekros can also cast Shadows of the Dead to help distracting and killing nearby enemies.

If you don't have Nekros, you can also use Trinity to keep refresh the Energy on all team members.

Good Warframes for Defence-like missions

Frost is very easy to get for new players, which is one of the reasons he is on the top of the list even though Limbo is actually better at Defence types missions.

Frost can protect a mission target by casting Snow Globe and it is possible to cast this spell several times on the same spot to make the protective barrier stronger or to refresh the existing Frost Globe before it is destroyed by incoming fire. But Frost can also cast up to 4 separate Snow Globe's so he is able to protect all four radio towers on an Interception mission - you just need to run around and refresh them as they get destroyed by enemy fire.

While inside the Chilling Globe you are protected against incoming fire but you are able to shot at enemies outside, which is an advantage compared to Limbo's Cataclysm.

With the Chilling Globe augment enemies that walk inside the Snow Globe has a 50% chance of getting frozen.

Limbo is the master of Defence missions as his Cataclysm + Stasis combo will effectively lock down any enemy that walk inside the Cataclysm while also protecting the mission target and any  team members inside the Cataclysm from damage from enemies outside the Cataclysm range.

One disadvantage is that you can not fire on enemies outside the Cataclysm while you are inside - you have to wait until they walk into the Cataclysm and Stasis freeze them.

With a good build with duration and efficiency Limbo should be able to keep the Cataclysm + Stasis up during the entire mission, as he passively gain extra energy while standing inside the Cataclysm. Otherwise remember to equip some Energy Restore in case you are low on energy and about to recast your combo.

Gara can use her Mass Vitrify ability to protect an area and keep the enemies outside. However, these glass walls only glock the enemy for walking inside - on certain tile they can easily jump down inside the protected area!

Gara's abilities have great synergy, which allow her to boost the damage ticks on Splinter Storm by casting a Mass Vitrify (which also refreshes the duration of Splinter Storm) and then use Shattered Lash to destroy the barrier from the outside, which will cause Splinter Storm to get a damage buf of 50% of the damage from the explosion. Repeat before Splinter Storm ends to refresh it and stack even more damage - this damage buf has no cap!

Nyx / Nyx Prime is the Queen of Interception! Her Chaos ability modded with range and duration allow you to easily solo Interception missions. The Chaos ability will cause enemies to fight each other and this will effectively prevent them from hacking the terminals and take over any radio towers.

The Chaos ability is also useful in Defence / Mobile Defence / Excavation type missions to stop enemies from getting close to the mission target by keeping them buzy fighting each other.

Rhino / Rhino Prime is not able to protect the mission target against incoming weapons fire, but he is able to crowd-control all nearby enemies with his Rhino Stomp while his Iron Skin keeps him alive. Against tougher enemies he can use his Roar ability for a DPS buf to all nearby team members. He can also use his Rhino Charge to quickly charge into a group of enemies, which will then be damaged and stunned for a short duration.


Nezha is another popular tank frame with good crowd control: The Divine Spears will impale nearby enemies and give you time to nuke them before they can damage the mission target or take over an Interception radio tower. The Fire Walker ability gives you a sprint boost that will allow you to quickly run to another radio tower in Interception missions while also damaging any enemies walking into your trail and it can also be used to crowd-control enemies by blocking their way with burning fire.

Vauban / Vauban Prime has several Crowd-Control and damage abilities; he can stun and damage enemies with his #1 Tesla Nervos or #2 Minelayer: Tether Coil - and he can use #2 Minelayer: Flechette Orb or #3 Photon Strike for AoE damage + use his #2 Minelayer: Overdriver for a damage buf against tougher enemies. His main CC ability is his #4 ability: Press the button to activate Bastille, which traps nearby enemies and strips armor. If you press and hold the button you will instead cast a Vortex that sucks in all nearby enemies - the Vortex is one of the best crowd-control abilities in the game, as it pull all nearby enemies into the center of the Vortex, which makes it very easy to quickly kill them all.

When modded for max Range and Efficiency Vauban can spam Vortex and trap all nearby enemies before they get too close. I especially like Vauban on Sortie Defence missions, where the mission target will walk around - with max range on your Vortex the mission target will still be protected by having all enemies within range pulled into the Vortex.

Khora is a great crowd-control and damage warframe: Strangledome can protect an area by trapping any enemies walking inside and Enshare can trap a single enemy but will also entangle other enemies coming too close. Ensnare synergize with Whipclaw, which will refresh the duration and allow Enshare to trap more enemies.

Khora's special Venari companion can both be used to DPS enemies, heal Khora or team mates or even heal mission target such as Cryopod, Escavator or Kuva Harvester.

Hydroid is very easy to get for new players and have some decent Crowd-Control abilities.

The Tentacle Swarm ability will grap nearby enemies and hurl them around in the air. Allthough this is a fun CC ability I also find it rather annoying because it can be difficult to kill the crowd controlled enemies as they are hurled violently around.

Hint: Rhino and Nezha has better (= less annoying) crowd control and are also easy to get for new players so I recommend you try one of those instead.

Nekros / Nekros Prime is great when farming materials and I find him very useful when soloing endless Escavation missions. Even though he is not able to directly protect the mission target like Limbo and Frost, his Shadows Of The Dead ability  will raise an army of dead minions that will run around and engage the enemy, which distracts (somewhat) them from shooting at you or the mission target.

The Desecrate ability will not only provide extra loot, but also result in lots of Health Orbs and Energy Orbs dropping from killed enemies, which will allow you to keep the Shadows Of The Dead ability up during the entire fight.  Just make sure to equip weapons with high Slash damage to get that extra loot.

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