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Defence / Mobile Defence / Excavation

Warframes like Limbo, Frost and Gara can protect the mission target against incoming damage.

  • Limbo is regarded the best Warframe for Defence missions as his #2 Stasis + #4 Cataclysm combo both protects the mission target .
  • Frost can use his #3 Snow Globe ability to protect the mission target against enemy gunfire, however enemies in melee range can still damage the target. With his Chilling Globe augment Frost has a 50% chance of freezing enemies that walk into the globe making it easier to defend the mission target.
  • Gara can use her #4 Mass Vitrify to protect the mission target against incoming gunfire and also CC enemies that try to walk through the glass wall. However, on some maps enemies may use the terrain to jump from higher ground over the glass wall. 

On Grineer and Corpus Defence missions Loki can use his #4 Radial Disarm ability to force all enemies within range to permanently drop their weapons.

Wisp is a great Warframe in a defence team as her #1 Reservoirs can be used to heal team members and also give a DPS buff and stun nearby enemies with electricity.


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Loki is by far the best Warframe for Hijack missions – he doesn’t even need any weapons to solo a Hijack even on Steel Path! Just build Loki with max Range + some Duration – this will allow Loki to sprint undetected to the Hijack target by using the #2 Invisibility; as soon as you see enemies spawn near the mission target cast #4 Radial Disarm which will cause all enemies within range to permanently loose their weapons which will protect the Hijack target against incoming damage.  


Vauban build for max Range + Duration can easily solo Interception missions – simply run to a tower near the center of the map, throw a Vortex (press and hold #4) if there are nearby enemies but DO NOT kill any enemies! Recast the Vortex, run to next tower and capture, run back to first tower and recast Vortex again, then take the next towers the same way. If more enemies spawn capture them with a Vortex, Tesla Nervox or Tether Coil. By placing two Vortex close to another enemies trapped in the first will then get pulled into the second when the first expires so you only need to recast one single Vortex to keep all enemies locked down. 

Another great Warframe for Interception missions is Nyx with a max Range build – use the #3 Chaos ability to force enemies to fight each other. While fighting they can not capture a tower. On small maps you can stand near the center and easily control 3 towers using Chaos. Again do not kill enemies as more will just spawn – keep the enemies locked down using Chaos at all time.


For Rescue missions you want to get to the mission target as fast as possible and then also being able to protect the mission target against damage.

Limbo is great for solo Rescue missions even at Steel Path; simply enter the Rift plane to avoid incoming damage, sprint to the target, exit the Rift plane, free the mission target and then use the #1 Banish ability to pull the target into the Rift – again enter the Rift, now both of you can run to the exit without taking any damage.

Loki can use his #2 Invisibility ability to cloak and then sprint to the mission target undetected and then use his #4 Radial Disarm to force all enemies within range to drop their weapons.

Warframes with good crowd control abilities are also very useful when trying to protect the target e.g. Khora, Vauban, Equinox.

Warframes with high damage abilities like Mesa‘s #4 Peacemaker or Protea‘s #2 Blaze Artillery can quickly kill any nearby guards.

Wisp is also a great Warframe for Rescue missions: Her Vitality Reservoir can heal the rescue target (and team members), her Haste Reservoir give a DPS buf  + increased movement speed and her Shock Reservoir can stun nearby enemies.


Any Warframe can easily do a sabotage mission. However, if you want to run it as fast and efficient as possible you do not want to waste your time fighting enemies. For this purpose I suggest trying the following Warframes:

Volt and Gauss are able to speed-run to the sabotage target(s) and exit very faster than any other Warframes. Volt is very easy to acquire for new players – you can either pick him as your starting Warframe or simply join a clan where you can buy the blueprints for his parts from the Tenno Lab in the clan Dojo.

Limbo can enter his Rift frame and run to the sabotage target(s) without taking damage from the enemies.

Loki can cloak and sprint to the sabotage target(s) without being detected at all by the enemies.

Warframes with good crowd control abilities are also very useful e.g. Khora, Vauban, Equinox.


Warframes with stealth/cloak/invisibility abilities are able to get to the mission target without being detected by cameras, laser barriers etc. However, if you spend the time to learn each tileset you will notice that all Spy missions have some hidden tunnel that can be used by any Warframe to get to the mission target! If you have unlocked your Operator you can use this to cloak no matter which Warframe you are using.

Hint: Consider using the Helminth to replace one of your Warframe abilities with the Perspicacity ability as this will allow you to auto-hack the Spy Vault even on Sorties!

My personal favorite for Spy missions is Loki as he is able to stay invisible for a decent time (#2 Invisibility) and has more sprint speed than most other frames which allow him to finish the mission quickly. Furthermore Loki can avoid laser barriers by simply placing his #1 Decoy on the other side of the laser barrier and then use his #3 Switch Teleport to switch place with the decoy without triggering an alarm – this is also useful to reach higher platforms or quickly distance yourself from enemies. With the Hushed Invisibility Augment mod Loki can use guns, sniper rifles etc. without being detected while Invisibility is active.

Many consider Ivara to be the best Warframe for Spy missions as she is able to use her #3 Prowl ability to remain invisible as long as she has energy; her #1 Dashwire arrow make it easy to get avoid dangers and obstacles by using the Dashwire to get up on higher platforms; her #1 Noise arrow  is usefull for distracting enemies, #1 Sleep arrow will put an enemy to sleep and her #1 Cloak arrow will allow Ivary and team members to remain invisible while inside the range of the Cloak arrow. Furthermore her Infiltrate augment allow her to walk through security barriers/lasers undetected while Prowl is active. The major only downside with Ivara is that she can not sprint while Prowl is active and like most other stealth Warframes gun fire will alert enemies and draw their attention to your location even when cloaked.

Other choices:

  • Ash can cloak for a short time using his #2 Smokescreen and can quickly travel a distance and kill an enemy using his #3 Teleport ability. 
  • Limbo can jump into the Rift plane and walk through laser barriers undetected. He will however be detected by sensors/cameras so shoot them from safe hiding spot.
  • Octavia can use her #3 Metronome ability and “dance” to the music by crouching to the beats, which will make her invisible.
  • Wisp becomes invisible when she is airborne and will remain invisible for a short time after a soft landing; a hard landing or firing your guns will break her invisibility but you can simply bullet-jump to cloak again.
  • Wukong can cloak for a short time using his #2 Cloud Walker ability and can fly through Spy mission defences without triggering an alarm while Cloud Walker is active.


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