Sisters of Parvos Guide

The Sisters of Parvos update introduced several new Tenet weapons and two different ways to acquire them:

  • Some Tenet weapons can be bought from Ergo Glast at any Relay station. Each week a random Tenet weapon with random stats can be bought with Corrupted Holokeys.
  • Most Tenet weapons can be aquired by killing a Sister of Parvos, which is basically the Corpus version of the Grineer based Kuva Liches.  

How to farm Corrupted Holokeys

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How to spawn a Sister of Parvos

In order to spawn a Sister of Parvos you must first kill at least 25 enemies inside the Granum Void and you must use a Zenith Granum Crown to enter; the lower tiers of Granum Void do not spawn a sister!

Before you start make sure to select the correct Warframe (see next section) and also equip the Xoris glaive (quest reward from The Deadlock Protocol quest) as this will make the fight in the Granum Void much easier.

I highly recommend you go solo for this first part; if you are in a group you have to kill more enemies inside the Granum Void but when solo you only have to kill 25.

Go to Pluto and select the Capture mission at the Hydra node. Start by killing the capture target. If you already have a Zenith Granum Crown you can immediately run to the nearest Golden Hand (see image to the right) and enter the Granum Void – if not keep killing enemies until the Treasurer NPC spawns after a few minutes; kill him and pick up the Zenith Granum Crown.

As soon as you enter the Granum Void use the Xoris to kill enemies and free captives to get extra time – see this guide for more information on the Granum Void fight. Remember you only need to kill 25 enemies which should be fairly easy with the Xoris. 

When you exit the Granum Void a “candidate” will spawn – follow the red icon and kill her, then use your parazon to do a mercy kill in order to spawn the Sister of Parvos (similar to how you spawn a Kuva Lich).

Hint: Before using your parazon you can check which weapon the candidate is carrying – if it is what you want use your parazon to do a mercy kill, if not just exit the mission and repeat the steps above until RNG grants you a candidate with the weapon you need.

How to spawn weapons with certain damage types

When you spawn a Sister of Parvos she will be equipped with a random Tenet weapon with random attributes. However, the damage type depends on which Warframe you are using when the sister is spawned:

ImpactZephyr, Baruuk, Grendel, Gauss, Wukong, Sevagoth, Rhino
HeatInaros, Ember, Nezha, Chroma, Wisp, Vauban, Protea,
ElectricityBanshee, Excalibur, Limbo, Volt, Valkyr, Nova
ColdFrost, Hildryn, Gara, Titania, Trinity, Revenant
ToxinKhora, Atlas, Ivara, Oberon, Nidus, Saryn, Nekros
RadiationAsh, Equinox, Garuda, Loki, Mirage, Nyx, Octavia
MagneticLavos, Harrow, Mag, Mesa, Xaku, Yareli, Hydroid

How to kill the Sister of Parvos

Killing a Sister of Parvos is very similar to killing a Kuva Lich so skip this part if you already know how to do that.

Spawning the Sister of Parvos was the easy part… 

After spawning The Sister of Parvos will move to a random planet on the star chart – you can easily identify which one because the mission nodes will have a blue color on top. Select one of the missions with the blue mark – several times during the mission a robotic Hound will spawn – look for the special red icon to locate it. Warning: These hounds are much tougher than the similar Kuva Lich enemies! I highly recommend using a CC ability like Khora’s Ensnare to make the fight much easier. Kill the hound and use your Parazon to get a hint about which Requiem mods you need to equip on your Parazon in order to kill the Sister herself. 

After you have killed a certain number of her hounds the Sister will spawn. If you believe in luck you can try to kill her and use your Parazon. However make sure that you look at her stats before you jump into the mission so you know her weakness, resistance and immunity!

How to farm Requiem Mods

Farming Requiem Mods is a two-step process: First you farm the relics by doing missions on planets controlled by the Sister of Parvos.

Next you run a Void Fissure mission – make sure to select one of the Requiem Fissure missions. Equip one of your Requiem relics – just like normal relics you can upgrade it to enhance your chance of getting a Requiem mod. Notice that these Void Fissures are against higher level enemies than the Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi missions.

The final fight

After you have equipped the correct Requiem mods on your Parazon and used it to kill the Syster of Parvos, she will escape and hide in the Veil Proxima region – click the Railjack icon in the upper right corner of the Star Map and locate the planet and mission node where the Sister is hiding. 

I highly recommend you join a group as it will make it much easier to kill the sister – she can be a tough fight if you are solo, even Inaros can get very low on health during this fight if not careful…

After your team have killed the sister you must decide if you want to spare her life (if so she can be used as crew on your Railjack) or if you will kill her and take her weapon for yourself; hold the D key to kill her and get a fine new Tenet weapon. Congratulations!

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