Inaros is a very strong tank, who do not rely on shields (he does not have any!) but instead has a huge health pool and strong bonus armor + several health restoration and crowd-control abilities.  At level 30 he has 2200 health points – by stacking health mods you can easily reach more than 10.000 health – combined with his good healing abilities and strong armor thanks to his #4 ability Scarab Swarm, Inaros is almost impossible to kill. 

If Inaros shoud ever die, you can use his passive ability Undying to revive yourself: simply target nearby enemies and press the left mouse button to drain their health and restore Inaros health.

Inaros have two very usefull abilities:

  • His first ability Dessication is a great crowd control ability and it also opens up enemies for melee finisher attacks that deal massive damage and also heals Inaros for 20% of his maximum health!
  • Press-and-hold his #4 ability Scarab Swarm to convert some of his health to armor (up to 100% bonus armor) – when swarmed with enemies press #4 to spend 25% bonus armor to do AoE damage and AoE crowd control nearby enemies and convert some of the AoE damage done to healing Inaros and his team mates 🙂

However, Inaros also has two abilities that could use a rework: His #2 ability Devour and #3 Sandstorm are both channeled abilities which I consider a major design flaw in a fast paced game like Warframe! I highly recommend you replace one of these with a more useful ability using the the Helminth system. I have replaced #3 with Garuda’s Blood Alter which is a very good AoE heal (and single target CC) that supplements Inaros other healing abilities making you even more immortal + it is also very useful for healing your team.

How to get Inaros

All blueprints are obtained by doing the Sands of Inaros quest – to start this quest you must buy the quest blueprint from Baro Ki’teer, the Void Trader (price: 100 Ducats + 25.000 credits). For more information read this guide.

Alternatively you can also buy blueprints from Cephalon Simaris for Syndicate standing – doing the quest is however much faster and more fun than farming all the Syndicate standing needed!

Currently there is no Prime version of Inaros.


1: Desiccation will stagger and damage all enemies in a cone in front of Inaros. Enemies facing towards Inaros will also be blinded and open for melee finisher attacks. The damage-over-time restores 25% of the damage as health to Inaros.

The damage (and thus healing) scales with Ability Strength. The duration and range scales with Ability Duration respectively Ability Range.

Augment: The Desiccation’s Curse augment mod has 75% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow (similar to Sand Shadows from the Devour ability) when killing a blinded enemy with a melee finisher attack.

2: Devour traps an enemy in quicksand, where they will not be able to move or attack. While the enemy is trapped you can press the Interact button (default X) to devour the enemy – while you devour him, you are invulnerable to damage and status effects (however, your companion is not!) and will restore health over time. If the enemy is killed by the Devour ability, he will become a Sand Shadow and fight for Inaros.

The damage scales with Ability Strength. The duration and range scales with Ability Duration respectively Ability Range.

Augment: None.

3: Sandstorm is a crowd-control ability that traps nearby enemies in a violent sandstorm dealing Slash damage over time. Inaros is not able to attack or cast other abilities while channeling Sandstorm, also movement speed is reduced. With the Elemental Sandstorm augment trapped enemies will proc Status effects on the trapped enemies based on damage types and mods on the equipped melee weapon.

AugmentElemental Sandstorm give the Sandstorm ability a 50% chance of causing Status effects on the trapped enemies; the kind of Status procs depend on the damage types on your melee weapon.

4: Scarab Swarm trades a percentage of your health for a strong Scarab Armor bonus armor. While channeling Scarab Swarm Inaros is immune to stagger, knockback and knockdown effects.

While the bonus armor is above 25% you can target a nearby enemy and hit the ability key again to launch a Swarm Projectile at the cost of some bonus armor; the projectile will infest enemies within range with scarabs causing a panic and dealing damage over time – this damage will heal Inaros and nearby allies. The Scarab Swarm will continue to infect nearby enemies during the duration of the effect.

Damage and healing of the swarm scales with Ability Strength. Casting range and healing range scales with Ability Range – however, the spread range do not scale.  Duration scales by Ability Duration.

The Scarab Armor bonus armor can not be removed by enemy fire but can be dispelled by getting too close to a “Nullifier” bubble or aura. Also falling off the map will reset the bonus armor. If an enemy dispells the Scarab Armor, the health used to channel the Scarab Armor will be returned to Inaros health pool.

AugmentNegation Swarm will drain some of Scarab Swarm’s bonus armor in order to protect you from Status effects.

Inaros Builds

This is a strong tank build with more than 10.000 health points! This build is very usefull for end-game content like Steel Path and Arbitrations and also allow you to fight the Profit Taker without being afraid of dying.

The Handspring mod is very usuful during Profit Taker and other missions with lots of knock-downs but for normal missions you can replace the Handspring with whatever you like and you can also consider replacing Armored Agility with Streamline for some more efficiency which allow you to spam #1 more often.

If you do not have the Umbral mods yet you can use the normal Vitality and Steel Fiber mods instead. The Adaptation mod is very useful not only for Inaros but for many other Warframes so I highly recommend you buy it from another player

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