Nightwave Guide

Nightwave are a series of daily and weekly missions. By completing these missions you earn rewards that can be difficult or impossible to get just by farming. For me personally the best reward is the Umbra Forma which allows you to use the powerfull Umbra mods without too many other compromises in your build. But there are also other useful rewards e.g. a 3 x Forma bundle, mods (both normal and Rivens), cosmetics. Also you earn a special currency which can be used to buy stuff like cosmetics, blueprints, mods and Kuva and Nitain Extrate

Most Nightwave missions are very easy, especially for veteran players. Otherwise this page contains some hints that may make it easier for you to quickly complete the Nightwave missions and earn your rewards Tenno!

Cache Hunter

Mission: Find all caches in 3 Sabotage missions.

Cervantes on Earth is a nice and easy Sabotage mission. Hidden caches are similar to the usual storage boxes with a red or green mark but on Sabotage missions there are always 3 special caches with a white marking hidden in locations that can be hard to find at first but using this method they are easy to find:

Use Limbo with a max Range + good efficiency build, you don’t need strength or duration for this. Also equip the Loot Detector and Thief’s Wit on your Warframe to see nearby containers on the minimap and equip Vacuum or Fetch on your companion.

Now just run around the map and spam the #4 ability as soon as you see some white rectangles on the mini map indicating nearby containers. Limbos #4 ability will break all containers wihing range – when your pet has collected all the loot check the minimap again – if there are still any nearby white rectangles it is likely a hidden cache (or an Ayatan Treasure).

Earth Fisher

Mission: Catch 6 Rare Fish in the Plains of Eidolon.

Murkray is the easiest rare fish to farm – make sure to equip your Lanzo Fishing Spear on your gear wheel and also make sure to build some Murkray Bait and Luminious Dye before heading out on the Plains of Eidolon. Best fishing spot for Murkray is the coast line in the southeastern corner of the map.

New players need to unlock Cetus on Earth in order to gain access to the open map Plains of Eidolon – also you need to farm rep with the “Ostron” faction (the villagers in Cetus) in order to buy the fishing gear and bait required for this mission. 



Mission: Kill 10 Enemies with Finishers.

You can use a stealth Warframe like Loki or Ivara to cloak and sneak up behind an enemy – you will then be prompted to perform a stealth attack, which count as a finisher.

Warframes with a ‘blind’ ability can blind the enemies which opens them up for finisher attacks, e.g. Inaros #1 Dessication or Excalibur #3 Radial Blind.

The fastest way however is using Ash with the Fatal Teleport augment mod will automatically make his #3 Teleport ability perform a finisher attack. Against high level enemies you may consider using a dagger with the Covert Lethality mod to get 100% extra finisher damage.

Hold Your Breath

Mission: Survive for over 30 minutes in Kuva Survival.

Warning: Do NOT waste your time doing a Kuva Siphon Survival alert – it does not count towards this Nightwave mission!

Instead, go to the Kuva Fortress and do the normal Kuva Survival mission at Taveuni.

Venus Fisher

Mission: Catch 6 Rare Servofish in the Orb Vallis

The following rare fish count toward this mission:

  • Tromyzon – found in pounds in Cold weather (e.g. just outside Fortuna)
  • Charamote – found in caves in Warm weather (e.g. left of spaceport)
  • Synathoid – found in caves in Warm weather

Remember to equip your Shockprod or Stunna fishing spear on the gear wheel and also stock up on bait for the fish you are planning to catch. 

Hint: Tromyzon can be difficult to catch as they are constantly changing direction and swimming fast if scared. Instead try using the Stunna fishing spear to catch a slow moving fish close to a Tromyzon – the shock pulse from the Stunna will stun nearby Tromyzon making it easy to catch. Also look for a fishing hotspot in the water and drop your dye and bait here to increase the chance of rare fish spawning.

New players need to unlock Fortuna and Orb Vallis and also gain rank to buy the Shockprod or Stunna fishing spear required to catch the servofish in Orb Vallis and some bait too – this is sold by the NPC ‘The Business’ in Fortuna.

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