Nezha is not as "tanky" as Rhino but has more speed and damage abilities, which makes him a great choice for many types of missions. For instance, Nezha's Warding Halo not only protects him against incoming damage (including granting immunity to status procs) but will also stun and damage enemies, that comes too close. Similar the Fire Walker ability will damage all enemies that try to follow Nezha.

Nezha is  a good choice for Capture or Sabotage missions as his Fire Walker ability can get you to the mission target much faster. Fire Walker also allow you to protect a mission target on Defence, Excavation or Interception type missions, as the Heat status procs caused by the fire trail will cause enemies to panic and stop attacking (and also take damage-over-time).

Nezha is also great for doing bounties in Fortuna, where his sprint boost make you more efficient as you need to run around inside caves and buildings, and his crowd-control with the Divine Spears is great when the alert level goes up and lots of enemies starts to spawn.

Being both tanky, having a mobility boost, good crowd-control and some DPS abilities makes Nezha a fun and useful Warframe. He is also very easy to acquire for new players (see details below) so I highly recommend you build him as soon as possible.

How to get Nezha

Nezha is very easy to acquire for new players - all blueprints can be bought from the Tenno Research Lab in your clan and the required materials are easy to farm. If you are not a member yet, then check the recruitment channel or consider making your own clan.

Currently there is no Prime version of Nezha.


Passive ability: Nezha slides 60% faster and goes 35% farther. This stacks with mods like e.g. Conning Drift.

1: The Fire Walker ability give Nezha a 30 sec mobility boost. It leaves behind a burning trail - any enemy walking into this trail will take heat damage. Heat status procs will deal damage-over-time and also cause enemies to panic, which prevents them from attacking.  This make Fire Walker useful for crowd control as well as damage and mobility boost - you can use it to block access to a mission target by running around it in circles or block enemies advancing through a narrow hallway.


  • The damage scales with Ability Strength (the mobility boost do NOT scale however).
  • The duration scales with Ability Duration.
  • The explosion radius when used in synergy with Blazing Chakram scales with Ability Range.
  • Augment: Pyroclastic Flow allow you to accumulate the Fire Walker damage and release it by a second press on the [1] button.

2: The Blazing Chakram ability deals damage to enemies and cause them to drop a Health Orb or Energy Orb when killed. Marked enemies will also get a debuf making them more vulnerable to damage.

Pressing the ability again while the Chakram is still flying will cause Nezha to teleport to the location of the Chakram.

The Blazing Chakram ability synergize with Fire Walker: If Fire Walker is active as you teleport to the Chakram, you will overheat the Fire Walker and create a burning ring that deals much more Heat damage than the normal Fire Walker ability.


  • Damage and vulnerability scales with Ability Strength
  • The flying time scales with Ability Duration. It does NOT scale with Ability Range however.
  • Augment: Reaping Chakram will increase the damage of the Chakram for each enemy it hits and also increase the chance the enemies drops Health Orbs.

3: The Warding Halo is a great tank ability as it absorbs 90% of incoming damage and also protects Nezha against all status effects. Furthermore, the Warding Halo staggers nearby enemies and deal Slash damage to them. Warding Halo can not be recast until it is entirely used up.

When the Warding Halo is cast, Nezha becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds - any incoming damage during this time will be is multiplied with 250% and added as extra health to the bonus health from the Warding Halo, so recasting it when taking heavy fire will only make the Halo stronger. Notice the total bonus health from the Warding halo also scales with Nezhas total armor.


  • The Warding Halo's health and armor bonus + damage scales with Ability Strength and Armor mods.
  • The Warding Halo's damage to nearby enemies scales with Ability Strength.
  • The radius where enemies are staggered scales with Ability Range.
  • Augment: Safeguard allows you to cast Warding Halo at allies but with a 50% durability.

4: Divine Spears is a great crowd-control ability, where nearby enemies are impaled by spears and will temporarily be incapacitated and take Impact damage from the spears. Pressing this ability a second time will cause the impaled enemies to crash into the ground taking Impact damage.

Divine Spears synergize with Blazing Chakram: Throwing a Blazing Chakram at impaled enemies will result in another Chakram being created and fired against a nearby enemy - if this enemy is also impaled, yet another Chakram will be created and so on.


  • The damage scales with Ability Strength.
  • The duration scales with Ability Duration.
  • The radius scales with Ability Range.
  • Cast time can be reduced with the Natural Talent and Speed Drift mods.
  • Augment: None.

Nezha Builds

This build is a balanced build allow us to benefit from all Nezhas abilities. It stacks Health + Armor + Strength in order to maximize the health of the Warding Halo and make Nezha more tanky. The Strength also boost the damage from all abilities + the vulnerability debuf from Blazing Chakram.

More Duration benefits the duration of the Fire Walker, Blazing Chakram and Divine Spears abilities; more duration allow us to crowd-control enemies a little longer with Divine Spears and give us more time to finish them off.

Finally, a bit more Efficiency allow us to use our abilities more often.


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