Revenant has quickly become one of my favorite Warframes for running The Index as his Mesmer Skin ability not only protects him against damage - it also reflects back damage and stuns the enemies making them easier to finish off.

When leveling Revenant I also found his #4 ability Danse Macabre very useful against low and medium level enemies, but against high level enemies there are other Warframes with better AoE damage.

How to get Revenant

The main blueprint is rewarded from the Mask of the Revenant quest, which is unlocked after you reach the rank of Observer with The Quills in Cetus.

To advance through the quest you will have to do bounties on Plains of Eidolon, where the component blueprint drops.

You can also visit Cephalon Simaris at any relay station to buy blueprints for Revenant.


Revenants passive abilities is being immune to the Magnetic status proc from walking into the water during the night on Plains of Eidolon. Furthermore, when Revenants shield depletes he emits a radial blast that knock down nearby enemies.

1: Enthrall converts the target to a thrall, that will fight for you and also convert other enemes to thralls when taking damage from a thrall. When a thrall dies they transform into a pillar of energy, that damages nearby enemies. You can have up to 7 active thralls - this number is not affected by mods.

Notice: Enthrall does not cost energy when cast on an enemy stunned by Mesmer Skin.


  • Cast speed is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift
  • Cast range scales with Ability Range.
  • Duration scales with Ability Duration.
  • Damage scales with Ability Strength

2: Mesmer Skin is the most powerful ability in Revenants toolkit: It reflects damage back at the attacker and stuns them. The Mesmer Skin last until all charges have been used - you can see the number of remaining charges next to the ability icon. As long as Revenant has an active charge his health can not drop below 2 points which makes him immortal as long as you keep Mesmer Skin up during the entire fight. For this reason you should pay attention to the number of charges left and recast Mesmer Skin as soon as the last charge is used. Before engaging a large group of enemies you should also consider refreshing your Mesmer Skin if it is low on charges. You can recast Mesmer Skin at any time - any remaining charges will be lost however.

Notice you can also restore charges by dashing through thralls using the Reave ability; each thrall you passes through will restore a charge.


  • Cast speed is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift
  • Number of charges scales with Ability Strength.
  • Stun duration scales with Ability Duration.

3: Use the Reave ability to dash forward as a sentient wall of energy - during the dash Revenant is invulnerable. Any active Status effect on Revenant is transferred to the enemies he passes through. Revenant will drain health and shield from the enemies he passes through and use it to restore his own health and shield - passing through thralls will drain/restore 5 times more health and shield.

Hint: Reave drains a set percentage of the enemies health and scales indefinitely - to quickly kill a high level enemy cast Enthrall and then use Reave 2-3 times (depending on your Ability Strength) to dash through the enemy to drain all health!


  • Cast speed is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift
  • The width is affected by Ability Range.
  • The duration of the dash scales with Ability Duration.
  • Augment: Blinding Reave will blind enemies you dash through for 10 secs.

4: Danse Macabre emits powerful beams in all directions while Revenant spins around - this ability is active until . While casting Danse Macabre any incoming damage is reflected back. Thralls killed by the beams will drop overshield pickups. By holding down the fire button (Default: left mouse button) the beams are supercharged and deals increased damage but at an increased energy cost. The damage type of the beams will automatically adjust depending on the enemy types they hit: Corrosive against armored enemies, Magnetic against shielded enemies and Gas against infested.


  • Cast speed is affected by Natural Talent and Speed Drift
  • Beam radius scales with Ability Range.
  • Beam damage scales with Ability Strength.
  • Rotation speed and number of beeams are unaffected by mods.

Revenant Builds

This build focus on max Ability Strength to increase the number of charges from Mesmer Skin while also having improved stun duration. More efficiency allow you to recast Mesmer Skin when needed.

This build is great for running The Index - just make sure to always keep Mesmer Skin up; if you are low on charges quickly pick up an energy restore and recast Mesmer Skin. I recommend you equip a Rattleguts kitgun or other fast firing weapon build for status to quickly applying lots of status procs and then use e.g. a Redeemer Prime with a Condition Overload build to finish of the enemies. Enemies stunned by the Mesmer Skin will be very easy to kill this way.

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