Ivara is also great for Spy missions and other kinds of stealth gameplay. With the Infiltrate Syndicate Mod Ivara is able to bypass lasers without being detected.

However, the main reason why you need Ivara is her Dashwire Arrow ability, which makes some Mastery Rank tests much easier. It is also very useful in some missions, where it allow you to easily reach platforms that are otherwise unreachable or sneak over the enemies, lasers etc. undetected.

How to get Ivara

Her blueprints drops from Spy missions (only regular missions or Nightmare) if you successfully hack all 3 terminals on various difficulty levels:

  • Systems Blueprint: Earth / Venus / Mercury / Mars / Phobos
  • Chassis Blueprint: Ceres / Jupiter / Europa / Saturn / Lua
  • Neuroptics Blueprint: Uranus / Neptune / Pluto / Sedna
  • Main Blueprint: Uranus / Neptune / Pluto / Sedna

The drop chance is only 5-9% on the various blueprints so expect to run these Spy missions several times before you get all blueprints! Notice that Lua has a slightly higher chance of dropping the Chassis Blueprint and you might also get Octavias Chassis Blueprint if you encounter the Lua Music Puzzle room and manage to solve the puzzle.

Currently there is no Prime version of Ivara but Ivara Prime is expected to be released very soon!


Ivaras passive ability is a builtin enemy radar, that displays nearby enemies on the minimap. This radar stacks with mods like Animal Instinct, Enemy Radar etc.

1: The Quiver ability is used to fire some special arrows; use a short click to cycle through the different arrow types - hold key to fire the selected arrow:

  • Cloak arrow creates a cloaking circle - all allies will remain cloaked while inside the Cloak circle. Up to 3 Cloak arrows can be active simultaneously. You can target allies and also Rescue target or Syndicate Operatives on syndicate missions.
  • Dashwire arror fires a dashwire which can be used to reach distant platforms. You can have up to 4 simultaneous Dashwires.  Hint: Dashwire can be used to make certain Mastery Rank tests much easier!
  • Noise arrow attract the attention of nearby guards (20m range)
  • Sleep arrow will make all enemies within 6m radius fall asleep for 10 seconds. They will wake up after the duration expires or if their health gets below 50%. Sleeping enemies are open to melee finisher attacks (default: E)


  • Cloak arrow duration and radius scales with Ability Duration and Ability Range.
  • Dashwire arror do NOT scale with Ability Range - it has a fixed max range of 100m!
  • Noise arrow range scales with Ability Range.
  • Sleep arrow range scales with Ability Range - duration scales with Ability Duration.
  • Augment: Empowered Quiver give a 100% buf to critical damage when standing on the Dashwire (also for allies) and Cloak arrow will prevent Status effects while cloaked.

2: Navigator allows Ivara to guide the next projectile fired to the target. The projectile gets a damage buf for each second traveling. Navigator can be used with Ivara's Quiver and Artemis Bow abilities + any weapons that fires projectiles e.g. bows, throwing knifes and bolt-firing weapons, launchers. Only drains energy while the projectile is being controlled.


  • Damage scales with Ability Strength.
  • How fast the damage buf grows depends on Ability Duration.
  • Augment: Piercing Navigator adds Punch Through and will increase critical chance for each enemy it passes through.

3: Prowl makes Ivara invisible and gives a damage bonus to headshots. However, you can only move slowly when Prowl is active - sprinting or bullet jumps will disable prowl. You can also disable Prowl manually by pressing the ability key again. Firing a guns and other noisy weapons will temporarily break the stealth - silent weapons like bows and throwing knifes do not break stealth.

Prowl cost 1 energy pr second when standing still or 3 energy pr second when moving around.

Prowl also enables you to pickpocket an enemy by standing next to him/her; a ray of light will shine on the enemy for a few seconds after which a random item from the enemy's droptable spawn. You can only pickpocket the same target once.


  • Headshot damage bonus scales with Ability Strength.
  • Energy drain scales with Ability Efficiency.
  • Pickpocket loot chance scales with Ability Strength; with 100+ Ability Strength you have 100% chance of getting loot when pickpocketing.
  • Pickpocket time and range scales with Ability Duration and Ability Range.
  • Augment: Infiltrate allows Ivara to walk through security barriers (lasers) undetected. It also gives Ivara a small mobility bonus. This mod is highly recommended for Spy missions!

4: Artemis Bow is an Exalted Weapon similar to Excalibur's Exalted Weapon ability but using a bow instead. It fires up to 7 arrows in an arc with a 2x critical multiplier, 25% critical chance and 20% status chance.

Hold down the button to switch between vertical and horizonal spreading of the arrows.


  • The critical damage multiplier scales with Ability Strength.
  • The Artemis Bow itself can be modded with standard damage mods.
  • Augment: Concentrated Arrow fires a single arrow, that gives additional critical chance + damage to nearby enemies when used for a headshot. Removes Punch Through though.

Ivara Builds

This is my current build for Sortie Spy missions; it focus on max efficiency and energy  some duration in order to be able to use the Prowl abililty to stay cloaked for as long as possible. The idea is to stay cloaked during the entire mission.

The Redirection and Vitality is useful to avoid being one-shot in case you run out of energy before you find a safe place to restore your energy but are not really necessary if you are able to plan when to resupply your energy; if you can stay cloaked whenever there are guards nearby, then you can swap these mods with whatever you prefer.

The Infiltrate mod allows Ivara to pass through laser barriers undetected and make many Spy missions much easier.

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