Nyx / Nyx Prime is both fun and useful for certain missions. If you get one of those Riven challenges where you need to solo a LV30+ Interception mission with a Hobbled Dragon Key fear not - Nyx can easily solo such missions!

Just mod Nyx for extra Range + Duration and some Efficiency, bring some Energy Restore's and spam the Chaos ability, which will force all enemies within range to run around attacking each other. Also consider using the Shade companion to cloak yourself if there are nearby enemies when you recast Chaos. Btw, Xini on Eris is a good choice for unveiling this Riven challenge. See sample build below.

How to get Nyx

The blueprints for Nyx drops from the Phorid assassination missions during an Infested invasion.

The relics that drops blueprints for Nyx Prime are currently removed from the drop tables and have been moved to the "Prime Vault". They will likely be unvaulted again at a later date - pay attention to news on the official Warframe site for information of which warframes gets unvaulted next time. You can however still acquire those blueprints by trading with other players (for Platinum) who already possess those blueprints.


Passive ability: Enemies are 20% less accurate when targeting Nyx.

1: Mind Control allows Nyx to force an enemy to fight for her. Nyx can only mind control a single target at a time so make sure to pick the right target (usually one of the tougher enemies). While the target is mind controlled they are immune to friendly fire; however all incoming fire will be accumulated and released when the mind control ends. If you try to mind control a Nullifier make sure to first destroy the Projector Drones, otherwise the mind control will be dispelled when the nullification field regenerates.

This ability can be modded with Ability Duration and Ability Range.

Hint: After you cast Mind Control you can shoot at the mind controlled target for 4 secs - all the incoming damage from Nyx is absorbed by the mind controlled target and will then increase the targets damage to other enemies.

Augment: Mind Freak boosts the damage from the mind controlled target.

2: Psychic Bolts launches a cluster of telekinetic energy, that seek out nearby enemies and remove part of their armor and shield. It also removes the aura of Ancient Infested. The targeted enemies will radiate energy - your team should focus on those to quickly kill them before the debuf expires.

This ability can be modded with Ability Strength and Ability Duration.

Augment: Pacifying Bolts will update the Psychic Bolts to stun the affected enemies.

3: Chaos causes all enemies within range to start attacking the nearest npc (or player). This is very useful for Defence/Mobile Defence/Escavation/Interception missions. Nyx is able to solo an interception simply by modding for max range and duration and keep spamming Chaos to lock down all enemies; while they are busy attacking each other, they will not try to capture the Interception terminal. 🙂

This ability can be modded with Ability Range and Ability Duration.

Augment: Chaos Sphere inflicts Chaos on any enemy walking into its range; however the effect last only for 50% of the duration and will shrink over time.

4: Absorb protects Nyx by absorbing incoming damage and make her immune to crowd control. When the Absorb ends, it will detonate and damage and knockback all nearby enemies. Furthermore, a small percentage of the absorbed damage will be given as increased damage to Nyx's weapons for 8 seconds after Absorb detonates.

Absorb drains energy while it is active and will drain extra energy for each 1000 absorbed damage.

The explosion radius and orb size can be modded by Ability Range. The explosion damage can be modded by Ability Strength. Energy cost can be modded by Ability Efficiency and Ability Duration.

Augment: Assimilate allows Nyx to move around and attack while channeling Absorb; however, the range is reduced to 50%.

Nyx Builds

Max Chaos

This build focus on maximizing Range and Duration + a little Efficiency. It is very useful for soloing an Interception mission e.g. for unveiling a Riven mod; just spam Chaos to keep the enemies busy fighting with each other. This build is work-in-progress, Nyx needs to be Forma'ed in order to update some of the mods but it already helped me unveil that Riven mod without any trouble.

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