Damage Types

Weapon damage can be either Physical Damage or Elemental Damage. Each damage type is stronger against certain enemies and weaker against other enemies so it is important to know which damage type is best in certain scenarious, especially when fighting high level enemies – scroll down to see which damage types are more effective against various Infested, Corpus and Grineer enemies.

Physical damage can be either ImpactPuncture or Slash. Of these Slash is in general the best damage type against most enemies, especially on weapons with high status chance as the Slash procs is a bleed effect that deals damage-over-time (DOT) and bypasses shields and armor. However against certain units Impact or Puncture may be stronger – see details below.

The basic Elemental Damage types are Cold, Heat, Electricity and Magnetic. Elemental Damage types can be combined by adding two mods with different elemental damage types.

  • Blast = Heat + Cold
  • Corrosive = Electricity + Toxin
  • Gas = Heat + Toxin
  • Magnetic = Cold + Electricity
  • Radiation = Heat + Electricity
  • Viral = Cold + Toxin

Notice: if you add more than two Elemental damage mods the order you place the mods will determine how they are combined, e.g. 

  • Heat + Cold + Toxin results in Blast (Heat+Cold) + Toxin
  • Toxin + Heat + Cold results in Gas (Toxin + Heat) + Cold

You can use MODS to increase the damage of your weapons or add new elemental damage types.

See the Warframe Wiki for more information about damage types.

Status Effects / Status Procs

A Status effect is a special effect that randomly occurs when you hit an enemy; this is also known as a “proc”  = Programmed Random Occurrence. Some weapons have a higher status chance i.e. a higher probability for the status effect to proc. You can increase the status chance and duration with mods. 

The bleed effect from Slash damage bypass any shield or armor which makes it a very strong damage type against enemies with strong shields and/or armor as the Slash procs will quickly kill them. For this reason weapons with high status chance and high Slash damage is in general more powerful against high level enemies.

Notice: Some bosses (e.g. the Teralyst / Gantulyst and Hydrolyst on Plains of Eidolon) are immune to Status effects and it is better to use weapons with high crit chance/damage instead.

The different physical and elemental damage types cause different effects when the status effects procs, see below for details. Status effects are very powerful against high level enemies but are less relevant for new players against low level enemies.

Damage TypeStatus effect
ImpactStagger : the enemy will be pushed back and stagger for 6 seconds; this effect can stack up to 10 times
PunctureWeakened: the enemy deals 30% less damage for 6 seconds; this can stack with several procs up to a max of 75% reduced damage
SlashBleed:  Deals Damage-over-Time (DoT) for 6 seconds; each tick deals True Damage that bypasses shields and armor completely!
ColdFreeze : enemy movement speed and fire/attack rate is reduced by 25% for 6 seconds; this stacks up to 70%
ElectricityTesla Chain: Stuns the target and dels AoE damage in a radius of 3m from chain lightning.
HeatIgnite: 6 the target is set on fire which causes them to run around in panic and reduce armor up to 50%; also deals a Heat Damage-over-Time (DoT)
ToxinPoison: Toxin Damage-over-Time (DoT) for 6 seconds
BlastInaccuracy: gun accuracy is reduced by 30% for 6 seconds; this stacks up to 75%. Melee attacks are not affected.
CorrosiveCorrosion: reduces targets armour by 26% for a duration of 8 seconds; this stacks up to a maximum of 80% reduction.
GasGas Cloud: 3m AoE Toxin DoT for 6 secs; this stacks with subsequent procs adding 0,3m up to a maximum of 6m.
MagneticDisrupt: increases damage to the shields by 100% and nullifies shield regeneration for 6 seconds; this stacks up to a maximum of 325% increased shield damage.
RadiationConfusion: causes enemies to fire on each other for 12 seconds and deal 100% increased “friendly-fire” damage which stacks up to a maximum of 550% increased damage.
ViralVirus: increases health damage by 100% for 6 seconds; this stacks up to a maximum of 325%. This effect ignores enemy armour.

Critical Damage

All weapons have a chance of randomly hitting the enemy with a Critical hit, which cause increased damage. When a critical hit occurs, the normal damage is multiplied with the Critical Damage number.

The Critical Chance number defines how often you will get a Critical hit, e.g. a Critical Chance of 50% means for each two shots fired, one of them will likely be a Critical Hit (or crit for short). If your Critical Chance is 100% or more , every single hit will be a crit. As your Critical Chance gets higher than 100%, you will also have a chance of enhancing your normal yellow crit to a more powerful orange crit or a red crit, which is the most powerful.

Example of Critical Chance:

Critical ChanceMeaning
40%There is a 40% chance that each hit will be a yellow crit and 60% chance the hit will just be a normal hit (no crit).
100%Every shot is a guaranteed yellow crit.
130%Every shot is a guaranteed crit with a 30% chance of an enhanced orange crit and a 70% chance of a normal yellow crit.
200%Every shot is a guaranteed orange crit.
225%25% chance of a red crit, 75% chance of an orange crit.
300%Every shot is a guaranteed red crit.

You can increase your Critical Chance and Critical Damage using mods; furthermore some warframe abilities can also boost the Critical Chance or Critical Damage. For example, firing through Volt‘s Electric Shield will multiply critical damage with 200% (this multiplier does not stack if you place more shields).

For more information see the Wiki.

Best Damage Types against Infested

A weapon with high Slash damage + Heat and Corrosive is very effective against most of the infested enemies;  Gas is very strong against Infested and Infested Flesh enemies like Crawlers, Chargers, Runners etc. 

Slash is very good against most infested types but deals 15% less damage against infested enemies with Ferrite Armor (Juggernaut and Deimos Tendril Drone). Also most infested units on Deimos have Infested Sinew armor where Slash does not get a damage buf (nor a debuf). Against these harder infested enemies you should bring a weapon with high Puncture damage and also mod for Corrosive:

  • Ancient Disrupter /Ancient Healer / Toxic Ancient 
  • Boiler
  • Brood Mother
  • Swarm-Mutalist MOA / Tar-Mutalist MOA
  • Deimos Carnis / Deimos Carnis Rex
  • Deimos Genetrix
  • Deimos Jugulus
  • Deimos Saxum / Deimos Saxum Rex
  • Deimos Tendril Drone
  • Juggernaut

Notice that Radiation is also good against most of the harder infested enemies with Infested Sinew armor but deals 75% less damage against Fossilized infested. Viral usually good against most enemys but deals 50% less damage against Infested enemies. 

Enemy TypeBest Damage TypesWorst Damage Types
InfestedSlash and Heat +25% / Gas +75%Viral and Radiation -50%
Infested FleshSlash, Heat and Gas +50%Cold -50%
FossilizedSlash +15% / Blast +50% / Corrosive +75%Cold -25% / Toxin -50% / Radiation -75%
Infested SinewCold and Puncture +25%  / Radiation +50%Blast -50%
Ferrite ArmorPuncture +50% / Corrosive +75%Slash -15% / Blast -25%
  • Bold text = Strong against some units, normal damage against others (no weakness)
  • Cursive text = Strong against some units, weak against others
  • Underline = Weak against some units, normal damage against others.

Best Damage Types against Corpus

With Corpus things gets a lot more complicated because most damage types are strong against certain Corpus units but weak against others. The exceptions are Viral that is strong against Corpus Flesh units (i.e. no shields and non-robotic) and Cold that is strong against Shield and Alloy Armor – Cold and Viral deal normal damage against everything else.

  • Magnetic + Toxin + Slash is a good combo against most humanoid Corpus units; Magnetic is very strong against all shields (both normal and Proto shields) while Toxin and Slash are effective against Flesh (Health). 
  • Radiation is very strong against Bursas, Brokers (The Index) and Corpus robotic bosses. It is also good against most robotic units.
  • Use Puncture + Corrosive against Ferrite Armor enemies (Oxium Osprey, Locust Drones, Corvette, Frigate, Carrier and Corpus humanoid bosses)
  • Never use GasHeat or Blast when fighting Corpus enemies
 Best Damage TypesWorst Damage Types
FleshSlash +25% / Toxin and Viral +50%Impact and Gas -25%
ShieldImpact and Cold +50% / Magnetic +75%Puncture -20% / Radiation -25%
Proto ShieldImpact +15% / Magnetic +75%Puncture, Heat and Corrosive -50%
Ferrite ArmorPuncture +50% / Cold +25% / Radiation + 75%Slash -15% / Blast -25%
Alloy ArmorPuncture +15% / Cold +25% / Radiation + 75%Slash, Electricity and Magnetic -50%
RoboticPuncture +25% / Electricity +50%Slash and Toxin -25%
  • Bold text = Strong against some units, normal damage against others (no weakness)
  • Cursive text = Strong against some units, weak against others
  • Underline = Weak against some units, normal damage against others.

Best Damage Types against Grineer

When fighting the Grineers you need to mod your weapons with different damage types depending on what kind of units you are fighting. 

  • Corrosive  + Puncture is very strong against Ferrite Armor (most armored Grineer units e.g. Ballista, Butcher, Heavy Gunner, Helion, Lancer, Scorch, Scorpion, Shield Lancer, Troopers etc.). 
  • Viral + Slash are very strong against Cloned Flesh (most Grineer units). You can combine this with Radiation damage to handle the harder Grineer units with Alloy Armor (Bombard, Elite Lancer, Napalm, Nox, Kuva Guardian etc.) with the same weapon.
  • Impact + Electricity + Blast are very effective against Grineer machinery (Latcher, Drones, Roller, Regulator, Thusk Thumbers etc.) but they are usually easy to kill with 
  • If you have a free mod slot you can consider adding some Puncture, Cold or Heat damage as they have a 15-50% damage buff against some Grineer units but not any debuff against other types. Likewise Corrosive and Radiation deal 75% extra damage  against armored units and have no debuff against other types. 

TLDR: I recommend the following setupwhen fighting Grineers:

  • Use a primary weapon with high status chance modded for Slash + Corrosive. If you need to increase your status chance you can add Cold damage with the Rime Rounds mod – or if you need to take of the armor faster you can add some more Puncture damage.  
  • Use a secondary weapon with Radiation damage to strip armor from enemies with Alloy armor – combine with Impact for extra damage against Grineer machines.
  • Use a melee weapon with Slash + Viral to quickly kill unarmored enemies; Slash procs will also help killing armored enemies.

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