Granum Void is a new game mode on Corpus ship tilesets that can only be accessed after completing The Deadlock Protocol quest. This quest rewards the Xoris which is a glaive with a special charged attack that is vital for dealing with the specters you have to kill in the Granum Void – more on that later.

When doing a mission on the Corpus ship tileset you will notice a large golden hand located at one or more random places in the mission. To interact with the golden hand you must first collect a Granum Crown from a Treasurer, that usually spawn after 4-5 minutes on a non-endless mission. Quickly kill the treasurer before he disappears and he will drop a coin, which is used to enter the Granum Void by interacting with the large Golden Hand. 

Notice: You must pick up the Granum Crown manually (similar to Ayatan sculptures).

Three different tiers of Granum Void exist and each require a different tier of Granum Crown to enter – I recommend the following missions as they are the fastest way to farm the crowns and get into the Granum Void:

  • Granum Crown: Phobos/Skyresh (Capture)
  • Exemplar Granum Crown: Jupiter/Adrastea (Sabotage)
  • Zenith Granum Crown: Pluto/Hydra (Capture)

Game Mechanics

If you are in a group you should mark the Golden Hand and tell your team mates to come quickly as the portal will close 30 seconds after you enter it! To enter simply interact with the Golden Hand and select which of the 3 tiers you want to run (you must have a Granum Crown for that tier in your inventory).

When you enter the Granum Void a 60 seconds timer starts – you must quickly kill 75/100/125/150 specters depending on how many players are in the group, i.e. 75 kills if you are solo – 150 kills in a full group. 

Notice that there are three prisoners (look for the yellow waypoints) – kill specters near the prisoners using the charged-throw attack of the Xoris (hold Melee Attack while aiming at specters, then press Melee Heavy Attack to detonate an explosion that will kill any nearby specters. It takes 3 of these attacks to fully charge the Xoris, after which you can detonate it near the prisoner to release the prisoner and gain more time.

Also notice the Specter Particles that are left when a specter is killed – collect them quickly to gain 5 seconds more. If another Specter collect these Specter Particles it will rank up in level making it harder to kill. A fully charged Xoris can easily kill the specters so don’t worry too much about their level…

The mission end when you reach 75/150 kills or the the timer runs out.  


You will need to farm all 3 tiers and kill at least 75 specters (solo) in order to acquire blueprints for Protea, Stahlta, Stropha and Velox:

  • Normal: Protea Neuroptics, Stahlta Receiver, Stropha Blade & Barrel, Velox Barrel
  • Extended: Protea Chassis, Stahlta Stock, Stropha Receiver, Velox Receiver
  • Nightmare: Protea Systems, Stahlta Barrel, Stropha Stock

Recommended Warframes

Many recommend using Mesa due to her insane AOE damage with her #4 ability, which will quickly kill any nearby specters. However I had some issues trying to solo with Mesa as the specters did not spawn quickly enough for me to reach the required 75 kills before the timer ran out and you can not charge the Xoris and free prisoners as long as you are busy pew-pew‘ing with the Peacemaker pistols.

An alternative strategy is to use Rhino as his Rhino Skin will allow you to ignore incoming damage and focus on using your Xoris to kill specters and free prisoners.

The easy way to farm Granum Void is by using Octavia: As soon as you enter the Granum Void activate #1 and #2 and make sure to keep them active during the entire encounter. While the Mallet + Resonator combo will be doing most of the killing you can focus on charging the Xoris and release prisoners to gain extra time – also jump around to gather the Specter Particles to gain even more extra time. Using Octavia almost feels like cheating!

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