My Top-10 Warframes

There are so many different Warframes to pick from so depending on your personal game style you may prefer other Warframes but these 10 Warframes are my personal favorites either because they are fun to play or are very good for certain mission types or bosses:

  • Inaros is my favorite tank warframe as he is nearly impossible to kill. I have used the Helminth to replace his #3 ability with Blood Altar which gives additional AoE healing, which is very useful in a team for end-game content. 
  • Khora is very great at crowd control; her #2 Ensnare is great for grouping enemies and her #4 Strangledome is great for protecting a larger area. Khora is my favorite for Survival missions (especially Kuva Survival) but also a good choice for almost any mission type: Strangledome is very good for Defence/Mobile Defence/Excavation and both Ensare and Strangledome are very useful at Rescue missions. With the Pillaging Strangledome augment Khora is also great for farming resources. 
  • Loki is my favority Warframe for Spy missions as his #2 Invisibility has the longest duration compared to other stealth warframes. Loki also has a sprint boost  so he is able to run a Spy mission much faster than e.g. Ivara. The Hushed Invisibility augment allow Loki to use guns without being detected which can be very usefull against Kuva Lich or Steel Path Acolytes. Modded for max Range Loki can easily solo Steel Path Hijack missions by using his #4 Radial Disarm to permanently disarm all nearby enemies.
  • Vauban has the most versatile crow control – his #4 Bastille will not only CC enemies but also strip their armor which is very useful against high level enemies. Press and hold #4 to instead create a Vortex that groups nearby enemies for easy/fast killing – this makes it easy to solo an Interception mission even on Steel Path. His #1 Tesla Nervos will move around and stun enemies with electricity and #2 Tether Coil can CC enemies with a long range. 
  • Octavia allow you to cheese difficult content by simply casting her #1 Mallet + #2 Resonator combo and just watch the enemies kill themself… If you struggle with Isolation Vaults on Daimos or Granum Void missions Octavia is a solid choice. 
  • Revenant is another great tank Warframe – as long as you keep his #2 Mesmer Skin active he can not be killed but will reflect incoming damage and stun the attackers. This makes him my favorite Warframe for farming credits in The Index on Neptune.
  • Rhino is another great tank Warframe and very easy to acquire for new players. When learning how to fight the night time bosses on the Plains of Eidolon his #2 Iron Skin ability will help you survive and the #3 Roar give you a DPS buff which is very usefull when shooting the limps of the boss.
  • Limbo is probably the best Warframe for Defence missions as his #4 Cataclysm + #2 Stasis combo will effective lock down any enemy that comes within range and protect the mission damage against incoming damage. Limbo is also very effective for Rescue missions as he can simply roll into the Rift plane which makes him immune to all incoming damage so you can simply sprint to the mission target. Here you can use #1 Banish to pull the rescue target into the Rift plane and you can both run to the exit without taking any damage.
  • Titania is the most efficient Warframe for doing weekly Ayatan Treasure hunts as her #4 ability Razorwing allow you to fly directly to the Ayatan treasure and avoid all the parkour obstacles.
  • Saryn is the best Warframe for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught as her #1 Spores combined with her #3 Toxic Lash allow you to quickly spread DoT’s to all enemies within range.
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